Participate at the 2021 festival, Call for applications

The Chalon dans la rue festival, from 21st to 25th of July 2021

In the aftermath of 2020, we are preparing for the 2021 Chalon dans la rue festival, and look forward to reuniting and hosting street and collective events again… The 2021 edition aims at strengthening the connections between artists and programmers, artists and audiences. While remaining in its traditional format, the festival will propose new events in order to support artistic creation in public spaces.


How to participate?

Projected calendar

• January 18th: calls for applications opening date

• February 5th: calls for applications closing date 

• 1st of April: end of selection and answers given to applicants


2 calls for applications, from January 18th to February 5th 2021

The Chalon dans la rue festival’s programming has been divided in categories since 2019. These categories define which type of context the companies take part in within the festival and the type of support they receive from the CNAREP (« Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public »), the French national centre for art in public spaces. The « Partis-pris de création » or IN festival is programmed by the Chalon dans la rue festival, the « Sélection Off. » and the « Aube de la création » are selected from applications. In 2021, we are launching 2 calls for applications for artists to participate in the festival. 



Showcase of works in progress extracts, in a 15 to 25 minutes format. 2022/2023 artistic projects in search of funds.


Shows performed in public spaces. All disciplines. 2019, 2020, 2021 artistic projects.

Companies collectives

In the context of the current sanitary crisis, the initiative enabling companies collectives to jointly run a « friendly venue » and take in charge its programming during the festival is still under reflection. Each company must apply via the « Sélection Off. » application form. The festival team shall contact each company as soon as the hosting conditions and the number of available « friendly venues » are established.


Centre National des Arts de la Rue
et de l'Espace Public

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