2018 professional registrations

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Online registration is reserved for organizations in charge of programming (festival, cultural event, production center…) as well as resources centers.


Organizations, Ressources Centers

These organizations will appear in the professional directory, and will be welcomed at the professionals Office, where they will find advice about the In and Off program.
Announce your attendance to the 2018 Chalon dans la Rue festival by filling the form below.



Organizations which are not in charge of programming

Organizations which are not in charge of programming don’t need toregister online. To obtain a badge and any useful information, they will just have to go to the dedicated space, at the festival’s house (Le Carmel, 16 rue de la Motte – Chalon sur Saône).


For IN and OFF Companies

For In and Off companies, registration at the Professionnals Office is not necessary, although they will be welcomed during the festival for any useful information (program, professional directory, catalog of the companies…).




Professional meetings will be opened to everyone. The schedule will be available on line in July, and at the professionals Office during the festival.


For more information, please contact the professionals Office:


We strongly advise you to book an accommodation as soon as possible.

A hotel list is available on the tourist centre’s website