Inscriptions selections officielles 2019

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Registrations for the Fringe festival 2019 are open from 4th December 2018 to 28st February 2019 on this website only.



Chalon Dans la Rue fringe festival continues its evolution, to perpetuate its status as a major event for the arts in public space, which contributes to the dynamism of artistic creation and the economy of a sector that remains fragile. The Festival is a major event with a large audience, built by (and for) the participation of a large number of professionals of the sector, which testify to the plurality of aesthetics, writing, formats, disciplines for the public space .In this logic, we wish to open the event more broadly to all the artistic writings that interrogate and interact with the public space.The Festival is also an event written for the city of Chalon-sur-Saône, in connection with the local cultural, associative, artistic fabric.This exceptional and unique meeting exists thanks to the presence and involvement of all the artistic teams present. In this logic, the terms IN and OFF are dropped, to propose programming organized under several headings that reflect each of the different stakes of this global event.



The OFF becomes the « official selection » and the « official young public selection » (a particular interest is focused on this field).The IN is also divided into several sections (more details at the beginning of the year 2019).

Registrations for the « Official Selection » and the « Official Young public Selection » are open from December 4th, 2018 to February 28th, 2019 on this website only. We seek to create favorable conditions so that the meeting between artistic creation and public is of quality, so that the links between the artistic teams and the professionals (programmers, broadcasters) are facilitated and reinforced. We therefore wish to ensure good conditions of representation, technical support and increased visibility of artistic projects. We must be able to support each project, so we choose to limit the number of participants to 130. Each request must be received before February 28, 2018. We remind you that Festival Off performances are promotional. We remind you that to be part of the « official selection », you have to bear the following costs: technical cost, accommodation and travel. We offer meals for performance days (day (s) assembly and disassembly are excluded). We also pay royalties fees (SACEM / SACD).


To apply, you have to fulfil the online form (link below, one form per show) and send us (mail or email), your promotional material (case, booklet, video, weblink…) and your technical data elements at :

Sélection Officielle
52 quai Saint-Cosme
71100 Chalon-sur-Saône

Moreover, we receive more than 1000 entries each year for 130 selected shows. We thank you for keeping us informed of any modification concerning your application, especially regarding your dates of availability. We finish our selection by April 15th. Every request received before the February 28th 2019 will be given an answer before the end of April. An answer will be sent by email. There is no waiting list.

Please feel free to ask us any question this document does not answer


Registrations are open here