FROM 19 TO 23 JULY 2023

L'Aube de la création

L'Aube de la création is a program of artistic discovery and support for creation in public spaces offered by the Chalon dans la rue festival. Every morning, during the festival, a tour of 2 to 3 artistic interventions are offered to an eclectic public of professionals and festival-goers in unusual and atypical places in the city. Each tour mixes styles, formats, genres and languages. 

The intervention depends on how advanced the project is. It can be an extract, a mock-up or an experiment. The objective here is to create the conditions to favour the contact between artists and audiences, to find the most suitable framework and mode of restitution. We are looking for an authentic and privileged relationship. 

L’Aube de la création is conceived as a complete support system :

  • this program is aimed at about ten companies selected by the festival team. Each company performs once or twice a day, from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd of July, over two days
  • the development of the mockups can be the object of a special support before the festival by the CNAREP Chalon dans la rue or its network of partners. This support depends on the nature and development stage of the project.
  • the communication made by the festival (paper program and website) presents the 2 stages of the artistic project: the content of the mock-up presented at Chalon dans la rue and the final creation, thus allowing the public to anticipate. 

Applications : Between December 1st 2022 and January 10th 2023 included

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Aube de la création



The Sélection OFF offers a rich and abundant panorama of creation in public spaces. It makes up a big part of the festival, giving it colour and atmosphere. The choice and support of artistic projects are fundamental for Chalon dans la rue

The companies - which produce themselves by their own means - are selected by a committee which pays particular attention to :

  • the diversity of aesthetics, the plurality of disciplines, the balance and representativeness in the proposals (gender, discipline, geographical origin, maturity and parity of the teams...) 
  • the promotion of recent creations in the street arts landscape. The shows presented must have been created between 2019 and 2023. 

Chalon dans la rue is a showcase and a time for artists and programmers to meet. The festival offers to the companies a platform for distribution and visibility, and to the programmers (more than 900 professionals attended the 2022 edition) it is a place of discovery for their future programming. 


Applications : Between December 1st 2022 and January 10th 2023 included

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festive venues

The festival entrusts certain sites to groups of companies or cultural associations in order to turn them into festive venues. These places offer a continuous programme and a scenographic, musical and festive atmosphere. The spaces can be circus big tops or closed spaces such as schoolyards. 

> Prospective companies in the program of the festive venues must imperatively apply to the Sélection Off.        


Applications : From November 2022 to 8 January 2023 included

Artistic terms of reference

> Send a note of intent that 
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